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AltSys is a graphic design company established in Athens, Greece, in 1989. Since then we have designed, and in most cases fully prepared and printed, books and brochures, newsletters, leaflets, posters, print and outdoor ads, packaging, stands, logos, corporate identities and web sites. Our clients include museums, institutes, government services and law firms, as well as companies of different sizes and types, most of which have been trusting us for more than 15 years.
We are proud to collaborate with excellent associates working in various complementary areas (illustration, professional photography, colour separation, processing of photographs, printing and binding), all of whom give the final product the quality and touch we envisage for every product we design and supervise.
AltSys is owned and run by Ina Melengoglou, an English Literature graduate and graphic artist, who has personally designed most of the company’s projects and products. A few of the design works shown on this web site have been created by other graphic designers who either worked at or collaborated with AltSys at the time.