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I have known Ina for a long time. When I started my professional career as a travel agent, she was the one I turned to for my first business cards. Since then she has covered every design and printing aspect of my business and personal life with her professional skills. Ina came up with our company logo, company letterheads and the design of quite a few adverts for magazines and travel catalogues. Furthermore, she designed the invitations for my wedding and my children’s christenings.

Ina is a pleasure to work with. Very pleasant, patient with questions, brilliant when it comes to solutions and new ideas, and a great communicator. Not only did she deliver logos and layouts that we could emotionally connect to and identify with, she came up with our main company slogan for a print ad we needed for an international event. Her idea was such a success that we built on that and used it for our branding material.

Anyone who takes that extra care to help you succeed is someone worth sticking with! Ina truly cares about her clients, and even if one project is finished, she is always ready to take up the next one, maintaining a continuity and at the same time coming up with fresh ideas. I am pleased to have her talents supporting me in continuing to build my business.

Ioannis Papadimitriou, General Manager, VIAMARE ALL YEAR TRAVEL

Ina Melengoglou (left) at work with Irene Kaimara, Head of the Education Department of the Acropolis Museum