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I co-operated with Ina Melengoglou at AltSys for over 15 years in my former capacity as Marketing Manager of XACO S.A., exclusive distributor in Greece for the U.S. companies Columbia and New Balance.

During those years, our collaboration proved particularly effective, mainly due to Ina’s spirit of co-operation, intelligence, and successful choices and recommendations; it developed into a sincere friendship, based on mutual appreciation and respect.

Thanks to her creativity, personal abilities and invaluable experience, we produced a very large number of print ads, often requiring demanding adaptations and/or original solutions, as well as complex commercial catalogues and in-store promotion material. Ina provided the graphic design for all the below-the-line promotional activities (indirect promotion via events, on-line competitions, joint promotions with other companies etc.) of both companies; she contributed ideas, solutions and exceptional results. Ina’s eye for detail always made her work outstanding.

I feel lucky to have worked with Ina, because in doing so I have had the chance of making the acquaintance of a dynamic, gentle and efficient collaborator who is always anxious to serve the needs and targets of her customers.

Marga Michalopoulou, Former Marketing Manager, XACO S.A.

Ina Melengoglou (left) at work with Irene Kaimara, Head of the Education Department of the Acropolis Museum